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Opera Patisserie is one of the Food Services Company’s most popular offerings,  Qatar’s premier pastry shop, well adored by locals and visitors alike. Fresh sandwiches, salties, croissants, tarts, breads, chocolates, cakes, and more are among the various sweets that the Food Services Company provides to its many consumers.

Opera Patisserie is a devoted and long-standing brand that promotes outstanding services and produces only the finest products. Since 1997, the company has been a fixture in Doha, and rave reviews from both residents and visitors have made it a success.

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The fact that Opera Patisserie now has 10 locations across Qatar (opening in The Mall in 1997, Landmark in 1999, Alsadd in 2000, Umm Salal in 2009, Al Rayyan in 2010, Old Airport in 2014, Mesaimeer in 2015, Al Wakhra and Al Aziziya in 2016, and Muiather in 2020, among other upcoming endeavors) is likely indicative of the company's success over the past few decades. Since the shop's popularity has attracted more customers than it can handle, a second location in Doha Mall is opening soon to accommodate them.

Opera Patisserie's highest hope is to gratify those clients who come in search of a one-of-a-kind experience in terms of their particular tastes. Opera will focus on food safety procedures in addition to providing high-quality products and exceptional pricing. After extensive market research and client polling, over a hundred different items and product lines have been approved for distribution. For this reason, Opera's products are quite popular in Doha, especially among pastry enthusiasts.

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Inspecting raw ingredients, preparing, packing, and delivering to consumers are all part of the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 22000:2005 (HACCP) standards that have helped Opera Patisserie gain more recognition from both local and international customers. We place a premium on producing high-quality products. We want to be flawless before reaching to consumers. Accordingly, the company will adhere to the policies that the management has regulated, such as the improvement of the statutory and regulatory requirements, the production of safe food free from contamination through the use of high-tech equipment and highly qualified staff, the application of good manufacturing practices, and other pre-requisite programs.




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Surprise your loved ones with the gift of sweetness with Opera Pastry’s special gift packs, filled with an irresistible selection of finest desserts.


Opera Patisserie is a dedicated and well-established manufacturer conducting its operations through the highest quality products and promoting excellent services.